Congratulations! The theme park of a customer from the Republic of Croatia was officially opened in May 2019! He is the beginning of a certain month to know our company’s mechanical dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton products. Prior to this, he also consulted several simulated dinosaur producers in other countries, but their products and prices did not satisfy him. Later, he found us through the network channel. After many emails and telephone communication, he was very satisfied with our product quality, after-sales service and product price, and immediately decided to sign a purchase contract with us. This cooperation is very enjoyable! We are also happy that our products can bring joy to his visitors in the park! And if he needs to do activities, we also recommend that he consider using the  dinosaur suit, the effect will be very good. If you run a dinosaur park like that, why not consider putting some animatronic dinosaurs in your park to add fun? Contact us now! We will recommend the best product for you according to your specific needs!