Animatronic dinosaurs use modern technology to produce realistic dinosaurs based on dinosaur fossil computer restoration pictures. The restored dinosaurs’ appearance, shape, movement and other aspects are very realistic, vivid and vivid.
The first is to use the steel skeleton as a dinosaur bracket, and use a sponge or foam for three-dimensional processing to make the dinosaur skin. If you need to show live dinosaurs in a vivid way, the internal structure is very complicated. To embody the movements, you have to install the parts and the motor. To make the dinosaurs emit different sounds, you have to install the control program. If you want the dinosaur eyes to shine, you have to Install the light source. This dinosaur’s cortex is made of soft materials, so it can do a lot of action. For example: the head swings, the mouth is open, the front paws are shaken, and the tail swings. Usually, the number of movements of a animatronic dinosaur is 3-15, and there is a horrible sound in the mouth. The production of this dinosaur is called dynamic animatronic of dinosaurs or electric animatronic dinosaurs.
The second is to use the steel frame as a dinosaur bracket, and the skin layer is made of plastic cement or glass steel. This kind of dinosaur is generally placed outdoors and outdoors, and is specially used for tourists to take pictures as a landscape. Because the artificial dinosaur uses cement or glass steel raw materials for the cortex, it cannot be made dynamic and can only be made static. The ornamental and popular science are not as dynamic as animatronic dinosaurs.