Animatronic dinosaurs use modern technology to create realistic dinosaurs based on dinosaur fossil computer restoration images.The first is a dynamic mechanical dinosaur, which uses steel to make dinosaur brackets, plus mechanical and transmission. It uses a high-density sponge to make three-dimensional processing of the dinosaur muscles, then adds fibers to the muscles to increase the strength of the dinosaur skin, and finally after dilution with silica gel. A uniform brush is applied to the dinosaur’s muscles to form the dinosaur’s epidermis, then sprayed with color, and finally, a control program is implanted, so that a complete simulated dinosaur comes out. Such dinosaurs can make eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tails and other actions plus the appropriate sounds very vivid!

The second is the sculpture dinosaur. His production process and materials are divided into two types: 1. FRP material, 2. Cement sculpture. Steel is still needed as the skeleton of the dinosaur and then attached to the skin of FRP and cement sculpture. Such dinosaurs can be made into different postures and lifelike(Here show you the animatronic dinosaur for sale ).

The restored dinosaur’s appearance, shape, movement and, other aspects are very realistic, the shape is lifelike, and the movement is vivid. Realistic animatronic dinosaurs can be more intuitive and more vivid to let people know that dinosaurs have restored the ancient dinosaur era. They allow children to learn about dinosaurs directly.

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