Animatronic Dinosaurs

Featured with lifelike appearance,flexible movements, and vivid roaring, our animatronic dinosaurs are loved by visitors of theJurassic dinosaurtheme parks, museums, and exhibitions.

Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaurjoy provide realistic dinosaur costumes,dragon costumes, and other customized costumes, we have created costumes raptor,triceratops,spinosaurus, dilophosaurus,lion, rhinoceros, dragon, utahraptor, and new develop walking dinosaurcostume riderfor parks, events, and parties.

Dinosaur Skeletons/Fossils

The best and largest dinosaur and animalskeleton/fossil manufacturer in China,Dinosaurjoy is committed to providing variousmuseum-quality dinosaur skeleton replicas.

Rides and Scooter

Dinosaurjoy supply various dinosaurrides, walking rides, and scooters varieties,kiddie rides with multiple control modes are anaffordable and best business investment for parks,shops, malls,events, and exhibitions.

Animatronic Animals

Dinosaurjoy produce various animatronic animals, ice age/prehistoric animals. jungle animals marine animals , farmanimals , customized animatronic animals.

Dinosaur Puppets

Realistic baby dinosaur hand puppet. dinosaurshoulder puppet, dinosaur arms puppets are our new and hot selling,each babydinosaur puppet is customized for clients, it is hand control with movements of eye blink, mouthopen/ close, head and neckmoving.besides,we have different vivid dinosaur roaring for your choices.