Good Looking Crawling Animatronic Dinosaurs DWD203

$4,888.00 $4,700.00

Popular outdoor Dinosaur Amusement Park

With advanced technology,we can provide simulation dinosaur with high quality. Here ,

we can send you back into the dinosaur world, and let you feel the magic of Jurassic period.


Model Number DWD203
Size 4 meters in length or can be customized
Movements Mouth open and close , Eyes blink , Neck left and right , Stomach breathing , Tail left and right.
Sound Personalized customization
Brand Name Personalized customization
Place of Origin Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Type Animatronic dinosaur
Special effect high simulation dinosaur
Skin Waterproof, sunproof, snow defence
Size Life size or customized
Color Customized or we give suggestions
Materials Well-treated steel frame, CE notors, sponge and silicone rubber
Special service Personalized customization
Technics Assemblage
Power 110/220V, 200-800W, 50/60Hz
Warranty period After service 24 months
Product name Good Looking Crawling Animatronic Dinosaurs
Description Animatronic Dimetrodon at Dinosaurjoy walks on four legs and had a tall, curved skullwith large teeth of different sizes set along thejaws. We reappear it to the greatest extent.



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Custom Design

Custom Design

Custom Design

Custom Design


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