Why Did I Engaged In Animatronic Dinosaurs Industry ?

I was born in zigong city which is the hometown of dinosaurs in China. I heard a lot of stories about dinosaurs from my parents and teachers in my childhood. As I grew older, my interest in dinosaurs also grew. I was so passionate and crazy about dinosaurs including dinosaur fossils, dinosaur models, dinosaur photo albums etc… I often collect everything about dinosaurs from professional science magazine, my simple dream at that time was to become an archaeologist or paleontologist in the future.

But fate is always full of twists and turns.
Later, I participated in the Chinese university examination just like having the experience of nuclear war. For sake of a living I had to give up my initial dream and compromise the reality.

But I still love dinosaurs very much no matter how long I worked in other field or what kind of industry i am engaged in. I can not forget about the deep impression that these prehistorical creatures left in my heart.

Therefore, I am struggling to make the most important decisions in my life. 11 years ago, I gave up working opportunities in other provinces, returned to my hometown, and studied and carried out manufacturing related to dinosaur products.

Now I have been working in dinosaurs industry over 4000days and I am still hard working and fighting with the technical difficulties everyday.

From nothing, to being famous worldwide and having our own factory and animatronic dinosaurs export company, sometimes, I ask myself in my bed when I was going to sleep, how
did these things come ture?

I keep to achieve my dreams and always stick to this belief:-)

Jacky Zeng


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