Our latest generation of dinosaur costume is made up of lightweight mechanical construction and high-tech lightweight composite skin. The skin is more durable, breathable and environmentally friendly without any odor. It is manually operated, with a cooling fan at the back to cool the inside temperature, and a camera on the chest for the actor to see outside. The total weight of our dinosaur garments is about 18 kg. Dinosaur costumes can be used in a variety of ways, such as parties, exhibitions, events, theme parks, museums, pranks, and more.

However,how to control it? The dinosaur costume is a full-body dress that is controlled by humans from inside. Usually, a dinosaur’s outfit requires an controller, but sometimes it may take 2 people. If it is a triceratops with four legs standing, then 2 workers are needed to control it. The shape, skin, texture and pattern of the garment make it look like a real dinosaur.

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