According to the news on June 16, “Jurassic world 3: rule” will become one of the first blockbusters to be filmed in Britain.

Jurassic world 3 Poster

Universal Pictures confirmed that the film will resume work at the pine studio on July 6. Preparations will begin this week. It will follow the local government approved safety guidelines for resumption of work under the epidemic. People flying to the UK to film the film (including stars Chris parrat and Blaise Dallas Howard) will be isolated for two weeks.

It is reported that “Jurassic world 3: rule“, which started shooting in London in February this year, is scheduled to be released in North America on June 21, 2021. Directed by Colin trevoro, the first director of the series, Chris parrat and Blaise Dallas Howard continue to star.

Jurassic Park: old Kassam Neal, Laura Dunn and Jeff gobblen return.

Jurassic world 3 Poster

In addition, Mamodo Aarthi, who has performed in the “youth hip-hop dream”, and Dewanda Wise, who has played the “has the final say”, is also a new member.

It’s reported that when the film was launched, Chris parrat told Jurassic century that he was shocked when he first knew the proposal of Jurassic century 3, because the final result of Jurassic world: falling country made people not know how to continue the story.

In the film, Blaise Dallas Howard’s horsetail is different from her previous horsetail in Jurassic world: falling country, with short hair and glasses.

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