So how are our animatronic dinosaurs made? Many customers around all the world have this question. By understanding the following ten steps, your questions will be answered.
1. The First Step
After receiving a dinosaur order from the customer, our artist will draw the dinosaur and then present the draft to the metal engineer. Our metal frame engineer will create the dinosaur body structure according to the draft and install the engine on the dinosaur body. The engine is the heart of an animatronic dinosaur.

2. The Second Step

After the main structure of the dinosaur is completed, the engineer will install an electric motor and gear reducer on the dinosaur body (this is used for big dinosaurs and big movements). For the metal can last for at least 5 years without rust, we will apply rust prevention to the dinosaur metal frame by coating.

3. The Third Step

After the second step is completed, we will start testing to ensure that the metal frame of the dinosaur-driven engine works well.

4. The Fourth Step

After testing the metal frame of the electronic animal dinosaur without any problems, we will begin processing the dinosaur silicone rubber skin.

5. The Fifth Step

Then artist make the main shape and sponge structure of animatronic dinosaurs by using special artist knife.

6.The Sixth Step

Next the engineer use the soldering iron to create the texture and texture of the dinosaur, which makes the dinosaur look more realistic and vivid.

7. The Seventh

In order to keep our dinosaurs protected from the sun and rain, we will attach the fiberglass silica to the dinosaur skin.

8. The Eighth Step

In order to better protect the dinosaur skin, we will add silicon fiberglass to the dinosaur skin and attach the special material of the women’s socks to the silicon skin.

9.The Ninth Step

In addition, the glass fiber glue mixes the gasoline and the dinosaur skin makes the animal dinosaur stronger, in addition to the sun and rain, it can also prevent snow.

10. The Final Step

Finally, color the skin of animatronic dinosaur.

At the end of the painting, we will be conducting final quality testing and electronic animal dinosaur system adjustments so that our customers can get the perfect quality dinosaurs.