1.When an electronic animal dinosaur or animal starts working, visitors cannot touch dinosaurs such as the head, claws, tail, stomach, body, etc… This is easy to break the moving structure inside the dinosaur at work, thus causing short circuit.

2.Visitors can touch or take pictures with animatronic animal dinosaurs, but sharp tools such as knives, keys, and needles are not allowed to carry, which is easy to scratch the skin of dinosaurs.
In the opposite control box you will see the fuses installed on the control box. The purpose of the fuse is to protect the engine inside our animatronic dinosaur. So if there is any problem with the dinosaur movement, all you have to do is replace the fuse on the control box to make the dinosaur work.

3.If customers purchase roving exhibitions after purchasing our animatronic dinosaurs, they will ship products from Australia to Japan or from Europe to the United States, there will be “different voltage standards in different countries”, so we created “Voltage exchange button” on the control box. You can use our animatronic dinosaurs around the world, this question does not worry about you.

4.The most common problem after using dinosaurs for a few months is skin problems. Children love dinosaurs very much, so they often touch, kiss or hug dinosaurs and even ride on them, but sometimes the skin of dinosaurs is destroyed by sharp tools, so we took a video to show you how to repair dinosaur skin when the above problems occur.

All the repair parts in this video are prepared for you in a standard flight case and shipped to your place with the dinosaur, so you can easily repair the skin of the dinosaur.