If you are or intend to run a park such as a dinosaur park, restaurant bar or children’s playground, don’t miss the artificial dinosaurs because they can help you attract more customers. Simulated dinosaurs are very popular entertainment equipment in recent years, and adults and children like them very much. Because they are very realistic in terms of shape, skin, and sound, they can bring people fun and surprise. So, how do we make these cute dinosaurs help us attract more tourists?
First, find the right positioning
1: crowd positioning
Visitors of different ages have different requirements for simulating dinosaurs because of their different eyes. Therefore, in order to provide attractive simulation dinosaurs for tourists of all ages, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of tourists of each age and satisfy the majority. The needs of tourists are positioned correctly.
2: Project positioning
Artificial dinosaurs as the core project, that is, the main scope of the operation must be specific. In general, if this is done, then it will be done, and finally, it will be big chaos, no features. This is the truth.

Second, make a unique and unique style
There are also ways to create a better-simulated dinosaur play atmosphere and attract more visitors, as follows:
1: Indoor use of mechanical  dinosaurs can be inserted into the dinosaur science knowledge in a time-sharing manner, the volume is appropriate, and should be changed frequently, the playing time should not be too long;
2: Some realistic animatronic dinosaur seats can be placed in the open space for visitors to rest and use, and the objects such as trash cans and street lamp poles are replaced with dinosaur-related styles to create a unified atmosphere.
3: Simulate the vines around the dinosaurs, the rockery and the dinosaur fossils on the ground, so that the whole environment presents a very fantastic landscape, giving people a unique feeling.

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