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DINOSAURJOY-If you’re a fan of dinosaur Halloween costumes, you’re going to love our huge selection of prehistoric critters. Do you want to wear a mighty t-rex costume? Is a triceratops costume more your style? What about something weird and wacky like a dilophosaurus costume? We might not be able to help you make up your mind, but you can find the best dinosaur costumes for your entire family! Shop for dinosaur costumes that take you to the top of the food chain.

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Realistic Costume of–T-rex, Raptor, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, and Dragon. Customized Animatronic Costumes–Dinosaurs, Dragons, Godzilla, Monster, Gorilla, Bear. Services: Animatronic Animal, Custom Animatronics, Animatronic Dinosaurs

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Maybe you are frowning for where you can find the realistic dinosaur costume! Then, here will give you the answer!

The life-like dinosaur costume, also known as Dinosaur Suit. This is a full-body suit that we design and manufacture based on some materials of real dinosaurs, combining art and mechanics and so on. The entire production process goes through multiple machines and manuals.

After putting on the dinosaur suit, we can walk, make a sound, and interact with everyone.

Kind Note For Dinosaur Suit

1. Main Material: Well treated metal frame inside for dinosaurs main construction, with ISO and CE standard, certificated batteries, electrical and accessories materials.
2. Body with advance high-density sponge which manually sculpted and well painted by over 10 years experience engineers, weatherproof and suitable for outdoor and indoor installation. All dinosaur costumes are powered by advanced batteries and the camera, cooling fans, etc….are installed inside the dinosaur’s body in order performer can control dinosaur with a very easy way.
3. Size: Length means How long from the head to the end of dinosaur; Height means the highest point of the dinosaur; Width means from left to the right side of the dinosaur costume.
4. Warranty:36 months.
5. Dinosaur price below is available for 50 days(All dinosaurs in the price list is robotic one which has movements with alive dinosaur roaring sound automatically)
6.Customer can get a discount price based on different order.

Dinosaur Costume Hidden Legs & Visible Legs

Walking Dinosaur Costume In Projects

Material & Accessories

Working Flow

Packing & Transportation


Yes , we can customize all kinds of dinosaur suits to you according to your different requirements .

We give customer 3 years quality guarantee .

Yes , we will air freight the spare parts to customer and the accessories and shipping cost will be paid by our company.

Generally , if there is no intended destruction , the life span of our each dinosaur costume is 3 years – 5 years .

Very quick . The wearner just need spent 1 mintues to put on our dinosaur costume  and get ready for perform.

If we are busy in factory , the delivery time for one dinosaur costume is 25days . If we are not busy in factory , the delivery time for one dinosaur costume is only 15days .

We will sign the contract of ” after – sale service ” after order confirmed . And in the period of quality assurance , we will transport accessories and repair diagram to customer by air freight  , and all the charges will be paid by our company .

Customize Any Dinosaur Costume To Be Hidden Legs Or Visible Legs,
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