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Walking Dinosaur Rides are very interesting entertainment device.It’s a shape theme like a mechanical dinosaur, but there’s a place to sit on its back. It can make sounds, move around, complete different movements, and is loved by children and even adults. Of course, it’s also easy to operate( Here,the video and the picture will show you how to charge and operate the walking dinosaur ride ).

Kind Note

1. Main Material: Well treated metal frame inside for dinosaurs main construction, with ISO and CE standard, certificated batteries, electrical and accessories materials.
2. Size: Length means How long from the head to the end of dinosaur; Height means the highest point of the dinosaur; Width means from left to the right side of the dinosaur costume.
3. Warranty:36 months.
4. Dinosaur price below is available for 50 days(All dinosaurs in the price list is robotic one which has movements with alive dinosaur roaring sound automatically).
5. All the running dinosaurs and animals ride for kids can be controlled by coin machine or free for customers, please confirm which function you like for your own walking dinosaur ride.

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