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A paradise for dinosaur lovers – Dinosaur Park


Whether you are a dinosaur fan or your ordinary person, "Jurassic Park"  has attracted the interest of dinosaurs, and there are many places around the world to experience prehistoric animals. If the movie really makes you interested in dinosaurs, why not try the "real" Jurassic Park? Many people are interested in the whole concept of dinosaur evolution and how dinosaurs are extinct. From peace-loving herbivores to ferocious carnivores, the dinosaurs and reptiles have always been famous. Even now, people are studying dinosaurs and mining their fossils. In recent years, due to the increasing popularity of dinosaurs, many companies have built various [...]

A paradise for dinosaur lovers – Dinosaur Park2019-07-10T12:23:49+00:00

The theme park of a customer was opened


Congratulations! The theme park of a customer from the Republic of Croatia was officially opened in May 2019! He is the beginning of a certain month to know our company's mechanical dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton products. Prior to this, he also consulted several simulated dinosaur producers in other countries, but their products and prices did not satisfy him. Later, he found us through the network channel. After many emails and telephone communication, he was very satisfied with our product quality, after-sales service and product price, and immediately decided to sign a purchase contract with us. This cooperation is very enjoyable! [...]

The theme park of a customer was opened2019-08-27T09:15:27+00:00