Children are always curious about things that are unknown, such as what a dinosaur looks like. The extinction of dinosaurs is a pity for the children. They can only get relevant knowledge from books and cannot see them with their own eyes.
But we created this opportunity to let children feel dinosaurs up close. We designed and produced realistic animatronic dinosaurs based on our expertise,Real dinosaur-like body, deafening roar, clear skin texture. these life-size dinosaurs stand in front of you, I believe it is enough to make you feel shocked. Children naturally love these giants very much.,they are willing to touch the dinosaurs, take photos with the dinosaurs, and even sit on the backs of the dinosaurs.
Maybe you want to experience how dinosaurs hatch from the eggs.Yes, we have prepared a lot of eggs for you. If you like, you can also enter the egg as a baby dinosaur.
In addition to these exciting experiences, children can also become scientists and pick up brushes to enter the excavation site to personally feel how the skeleton fossils of dinosaurs were excavated by people.
Bring your children come here ,we believe that they will like it very much and will leave unforgettable memories, so come here and have fun, the dinosaurs are waiting for you.
Through the film “Ice Age”, more and more people have learned about this magical century.The animals inside are very cute, but because of their extinction,We can no longer see mammoths, dodos, saber-toothed tigers, etc.
But it doesn’t matter, because we made many aniamtronic animals.