The realistic dinosaur is a bionic product made of steel frame and sponge silica. It is divided into electric and pneumatic on the transmission system. The two processes have different characteristics. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of animatronic dinosaurs and pneumatic dinosaurs.
First, the animatronic dinosaur:
Advantages: Animatronic dinosaurs have been popular since the last century. The production technology is very mature. The motor is used to drive the connecting rod to control each body movement of the dinosaur. The advantages are simple to control, soft motor operation, a large number of optional motor models, wiper motors, stepper motors and the like, and the motor has a long life.
Disadvantages: The motors used in animatronic dinosaurs are all circular arc-shaped movements, so the dinosaurs produced have the disadvantage that the movements are not fierce and the movement speed is not fast enough. And every dinosaur needs to connect a power cord, and the installation (Here show you how to install and use) is more troublesome.

Second, the simulation of pneumatic dinosaurs:
Advantages: Pneumatic dinosaurs are more popular in recent years, using cylinders as the control power, mainly in linear motion. The solenoid valve is used to control the input and output of the airflow so that the speed can be fastened and slowed down. And the principle of the cylinder is simple, and the use and maintenance are simple. There is also a large or small size, which is not comparable to the motor.
Disadvantages: Since the simulated pneumatic dinosaur power is compressed air, there will be a squeaking sound when it is running, and if it is used in an indoor environment, the sound is very noisy and harsh. Moreover, due to the lagging development of pneumatic dinosaurs and the high cost of research and development of core technologies, the price of simulated pneumatic dinosaurs is generally higher.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of animatronic dinosaurs and pneumatic dinosaurs. I believe that you are interested in the two kinds of dinosaurs after reading this article, and you can be more comfortable when you purchase!

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