Zigong Dinosaurs World Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. is able to produce all kinds of animatronic animals such as wolf , tiger, leopard, crocodile, elephant , zebra etc… Our animal models combine rigorous zoological research, advanced robotic technology and skilled art work. Any questions? Please email us at  : info@robotdinos.com

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DWA030 Animatronic Animals Rhinoceros Family
DWA003 Animatronic Animal Baby Dolphin
DWA006 Robotic Animal Baby Elephant
DWA006 Robotic Animal Baby Elephant
DWA079 Theme Park Decoration Animatronic Spider
DWA004 Robot Animals Life Size Animatronic Zebra
DWA007 Animatronic Animals Adult South African Elephant
DWA009 Kids Playground Animatronic butterfly
DWA135 Artificial Man Made Animal Baby Duck
DWA063 Animatronic Animal Ocean Whale
DWA134 Life Size Animatronic Animal Adult Wapiti
DWA022 Man Made Artificial Horse
DWA013 Animatronic Animal Hippo
DWA014 Animatronic Animals Leopard
DWA015 Fiberglass Animals Elephant
DWA017(2) Sea Fish
DWA021 Fiberglass Animal Cow
DWA022 Man Made Artificial Horse
DWA025 Animatronic Animals Wild boar
DWA026 Animatronic Animal Wolf Family
DWA016 Artificial Animal White Wolf
DWA028 Animatronic Animal Penguin Family
DWA008 Animatronics Animals Snow Leopard
DWA030-1 Robotic Animals Rhinoceros
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