Zigong Dinosaurs World Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. is able to produce all kinds of animatronic animals such as wolf , tiger, leopard, crocodile, elephant , zebra etc… Our animal models combine rigorous zoological research, advanced robotic technology and skilled art work. Any questions? Please email us at  : info@robotdinos.com

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DWA122-1 Life Size Fiberglass Animal Orangutan
DWA123-3 Life Size Fiberglass Animals Monkey
DWA011 Robot Animals Gorilla
DWA124 Fiberglass Animal Adult Chimpanzee
DWA125(3) Life Size Animal Baby Chimpanzee
DWA126 Animatronic Animal Tuna
DWA127 Animatronic Animal Manta
DWA005 Animatronic Animal Young Elephant
DWA136 Museum Quality Animatronic Animal King Kong Gorilla
DWA139 Animatronic Ocean Animal Big Shark
DWA140 Fiberglass Animal Baby Shark
DWA141 Fiberglass Animal Entertainment Shark
DWA143 Animatronic Animal Big Adult Elephant
DWA029 Animatronic Animal Polar Bear
DWA010 Artificial Animatronic Animal Donkey
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