When customers inquire about the price, many customers will ask us when they can deliver the goods when the world orders, and the nature of the simulation electric dinosaur model is customized products, because different customers have different needs, even if it is the same dinosaur, different customers have different requirements for the details of the dinosaur’s action, size, color, etc., so Formed our simulation dinosaur model manufacturers can not produce too much inventory characteristics, and even some customers do not understand the particularity of customized products such as simulation electric dinosaur model and delay the project progress of customers. Today, let’s talk about the factors that affect the production cycle of the simulation electric dinosaur model:

First of all, customers need to determine what kind of dinosaur products they need and the size of dinosaur types. We can also send the corresponding dinosaur product catalog to customers for selection. When the customers have determined the type and size of products they need, we can make a quotation according to the specific needs of customers, or determine what trucks they need to transport according to the products they choose Batch products to determine the freight cost of the simulation dinosaur model, determine the details and costs of the installation of the simulation dinosaur model products, so that customers can understand the approximate budget of the project.

The characteristics of simulation electric dinosaur model can be customized also make customers have more options. Customers can also send their own design to customize simulation dinosaur model.

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