Zigong Dinosaurs World Science And Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, located in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, which is the homeland of the dinosaurs.
We are the professional manufacturer of Realistic Dinosaur Suit, Animatronic Dinosaur and Baby Dinosaur Puppets, etc..
These mechanical dinosaur products are widely used in dinosaur parks, kids playground, various holiday parties, etc..

Main Products For Sale

Yes! The disappeared dinosaurs are back again. You will feel shocked when you touch the animatronic dinosaur.

Realistic Dragon Costume can do a lot of actions and can make a sound. You’ll be attracted by our lifelike dragon.

The production of every bone in the dinosaur skeleton replica will surprise you. You’ll be incredible in every detail.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume, also known as dinosaur suit, is a full body costume. It has the dinosaur shape, movement and sound.

We manufacture various animatronic animal alive or extinct supported real fossil proof. It brings wizard exploration journey to your audience.

Realistic Baby Dinosaur Puppet is like a pet. They can make movements such as blink eyes, open mouth and move head with a roaring sound.

10 Years Of Design And Production Experience
36 Months Quality Warranty Without Any Worries
Products Are Sold In More Than 30 Countries Around The World

DinosaurJoy’s Success Is Based On The Reliable Quality Of Products And The Perfect Services.

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