Zigong Dinosaurs World Technology is a professinal Animatronic Dinosaur Costume Manufacturer that makes giant dinosaurs, bears, gorillas, and whatever else museums and amusement parks need.We are the professional manufacturer of REALISTIC DRAGON COSTUME,REALISTIC DINOSAUR COSTUME, ANIMATRONIC DINOSAUR,ANIMATRONIC ANIMAL,DINOSAUR SKELETON REPLICA and BABY DINOSAUR PUPPET.Imagine in the distance future, all of humanity go extinct and little intelligent gremlins rule the earth. And they just create humanoid robots based off our skeletonal remains, just for entertainment purposes.

It is a seven meters long Animatronic Omeisaurus. Robotic Omeisaurus now has be exhibited at USA. Omeisaurus is found in Zigong, Sichuan Province, China.Art and technology come together once again in perfect harmony….We have partners all over the world so if you need a dinosaur in other countries, give us a call.

Want to buy a dinosaur costume? Well sell our dinosaur suits direct from the manufacturer! If you are needing a dinosaur performer on a regular basis, talk to us about creating your own, custom, prehistoric buddy. We are the exclusive seller for these realistic dinosaur.

Don’t you find it weird how you still get intimidated by it even though you know it’s not real? Dinosaur Skeletons/Fossils. It’s our honor to introduce our animal skeleton and fossil replicas. Most of the models are museum replicas from museum of all over the world.

Having access to the most realistic dinosaur in the world is such an unfair advantage when scaring work people in a dark carpark…

“It looks so real!” say a bunch of people who’ve never seen a real dinosaur.

“…brings animals to life…” sooo… they have been dead before ? We don’t have to use actual animals, who get taken into captivity and not well taken care of.

What will make your boys roar with delight? Dinosaur Party Craft Ideas for Boys—like the ones you’ll find right here.It will be a big hit!You may have hand washed it a number of times because it has gone to the park a few times. It has held up very well considering the amount of play time it has endured. BIRTHDAY PARTIES.CORPORATE EVENTS.COMMUNITY EVENTS.